How to make gulab jamun recipe

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Gulab jamun recipe is very popular Indian sweet prepared for all functions and festivals. It is very soft and small balls soaked in sugar syrup for the sweetness. We can make gulab jamun in two different methods one is with milk powder, khoya and other method is ready mix powder. The ready mix powder is very simple method to make gulab jamun sweet at home quick and easy. The other method we require khoya, maida, milk powder, baking powder it is very difficult task, so i we would like  to suggest ready mix powder to prepare gulab jamun recipe easily. Instant ready mix gulab jamun powder contains all ingredients we can make soft recipe.

Sweets are most popular recipes that we prefer first for all occasion, function and festive some of sweets like carrot halwa, rava laddu, obattu, rasgulla and more.

Gulab jamun ingredients

  • Ready mix gulab jamun powder
  • Oil
  • Sugar
  • Cardamon
  • Water for syrup

How to make gulab jamun soft step by step

Follow below steps to make soft gulab jamun recipe with MTR instant ready mix powder.

  • Take bowl and add instant ready mix powder with gradual amount of water to make dough mix well.
  • After make dough apply oil or ghee to make dough smooth and soft and keep it aside for few minutes.
  • Now make small and soft ball from dough as shown in the photo.

soft gulab jamun recipe

  • Switch on the stove heat oil and deep fry balls until it gets golden brown in low flame.
  • Continue the same fry all balls in oil and drain them well.

Gulab jamum preparation

How to make sugar syrup

  1. Making sugar syrup for gulab jamun recipe,  take pan add 1 1/2 cup water and 1 1/2 cup sugar and boil the water.
  2. Also please make sure the sugar and water quantity both need to be equal.
  3. Continue heating the sugar water for 5 minutes until the syrup gets lightly thicker.
  4. Now add some 4 to 5 cardamon powdered seeds in to it.
  5. After 5 minute switch off the stove and allow it to cool

sugar syrup for gulab jamun

Now take fried jamun balls and dip in sugar syrup soak well allow it to absorb and close the lid for 2 hours and after some time your nice and soft gulab jamun recipes are ready to taste.

Tips for making Gulab Jamun

  • Fry the jamun’s in low flame otherwise it will not get cooked inside part, boil in low flame it will get cooked well and gets turn to golden brown.
  • If you want also add some dry fruits powdered in small grated pieces spread on the top it gives more taste.
  • The combination of ice cream with gulab jamun will be an extraordinary taste try once.

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